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Horse Whispering

Here’s what others are saying:

During my short visit to Houston, I had the opportunity to take four lessons offered by Janice.  She not only taught me the theory, but also the actual practice of body language and communication with regard to the horses.  The knowledge conveyed by Janice is immeasurable.  Even though I have always loved to deal with animals, Janice taught me a whole new understanding of communication possibilities with them…. and moreover, she gave me an awareness of the lessons that horses are able to teach us.  Many thanks for a wonderful time!

– Susanne
(Aachen, Germany)

I have a 10-year-old Missouri Fox Trotter named Dolly.  She is a very high-spirited mare and I have never been able to get her to stand still while being mounted.  Dolly would be walking before I could even get my leg over the saddle.  I told Janice about my problem and she felt she could correct this problem within a few minutes.  I loaded Dolly up one Saturday, and off we went to see Janice.  In about 15 minutes, Janice had Dolly standing while I mounted her and not walking until I ask her to.  I was amazed!  Dolly was calm throughout most of the lesson and I couldn’t be happier with the results!  Janice’s methods work!

– Karen T.
(Waller, TX)

I have a horse who a friend got for me.  The lady who he got him from had rescued him.  I took him to a trainer, and after 5 days was told to come and get him because he was dangerous… and that I could never ride him.  I started searching for someone to help, and after much research, I found Janice.  This horse would not let me put a halter on him.  He would not tie. Janice came to the barn where I keep him, and she worked with the both of us.  After about an hour, I was putting his halter on him.  Janice wrapped the lead rope around the hitching post and he just stood there.  No rearing back.  The saddle blanket and saddle were even put on him.  Janice has a very special gift that God gave her.  I know he has a long way to go, but I will never give up on him.  I have Janice now to help us.  She is worth every penny.

– Beckie M.
(Splendora, TX)