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Here’s what others are saying:

When I first met Janice, I was totally unprepared for my subsequent discovery that this friendly, unassuming and easy-going lady possessed an immense talent for handling horses.  In our modern world we have little by little lost our natural spiritual ability to harmonize with all living things.  As a result, we no longer even know what a “natural” relationship between a human and a horse should be like. Janice, on the other hand, has managed to retain this naturalness, so that now she can teach it to the rest of us.  Guided by Janice, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my health.  When I met Janice I had ovarian cancer.  Each time, after my therapeutic ride, there would be a reduction in the inflammation of the tumor.  A tremendous sense of well-being comes over me, engulfing and uplifting me until I literally feel as if I am gliding through the air in a state of bliss.

– Maria W.
(Houston, TX)

Janice Terra’s love of horses and her work with them as healers is amazing.  I have seen first hand the effect that her work has had on autistic children.  My grandson who has been diagnosed with 4 of the 7 learning disabilities saw marked improvement in his social skills after just 2 ride on Janice’s horses.

– Rita M.
(Waller, TX)

I have a 10-year-old daughter who had severe asthma and bronchitis flare up last fall.  She went to the ER 7 times in only a few weeks.  No matter how lousy she felt, and no matter what pain she was in, she loved going to her riding lessons; which I think are more like “Life Lessons.”  She always got more relaxed, breathed better, and felt almost pain-free by the time her lesson was over.  It was amazing to watch the change in only a short period of time.  We appreciate what all the horses have done to help my daughter.  She is getting much stronger with each lesson.  Thanks, Janice!

– Amy A.
(Cypress, TX)