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Riding Lessons

Janice offers both English and Western riding lessons on her horses, located in Tomball, TX.

She will also come to your location to assist you. As you can imagine, these are not your “typical” lessons, but rather embrace the horse whispering techniques astride the horse. With these unique techniques, students progress at a much faster pace — but most importantly — develop a true connection with and understanding of their horse.

For those riding show horses, Janice is a “Performance Enhancement Specialist,” and with her show judge experience, can help you improve your horses performance in the show ring.

Since Janice is a grandma, she is especially understanding and compassionate of the beginner adult rider, and doesn’t expect them to work their “hiny” off. Conversely, teenagers beware! If you are headed to the jump course, be prepared to work your “hiny” off (jumping is her forte).