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Horse Whispering

“Many ask, what is a horse whisperer?  In reality we should be called “horse listeners”, for a horse whisperer reads the horses body language and “listens” to what the horse is attempting to express.  An “interpreter” is what I feel I really am, for I listen to the horse and interpret that language so that the humans can understand it.  And – no – I am not psychic and do not read the horse’s mind.” — Janice Terra

Janice most often gets called in when someone has a horse that is not responding to typical training.  Sometimes she gets called in if a performance horse has declined in his performance without an obvious reason.  “I sometimes feel like a detective, as we assess the horse and look for the unobvious”, says Janice. Quite often, she is the “last resort” before a horse risks a trip to the packers.

The beauty of horse whispering is that it doesn’t require that the owner send the horse away from home.  We come to you.  Most “problems” are resolved in one session, which lasts around an hour or so.  It entirely depends upon the horse.  The session is not over until it is “over.”  The owner is taught how to continue with the training, and how to speak “horse.”

The fee ends up being much less than it would cost to send a horse off for training for a month.  All services are guaranteed – which means – yes, it works or you don’t pay.  There is a flat fee plus travel expenses.  No country is too far away.