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EquiTherapy™ Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding, using horses to bridge the gap to a brighter tomorrow

Horses work on all levels; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, right down to a cellular level.  We have had children with ADD go from failing everything to achieving straight A’s.  An experiment was conducted in 2009, in conjunction with a neuroscientist doing brain mapping.  One child went from a .5 (1/2) on the alpha chart, to a 7 from just one 15 minute ride on the horse.

After just 2 rides on a horse, a lady with cancer dropped her “marker” by 200 points, and had NO side effects from her next chemo session.  Another cancer client with ovarian cancer stated that the swelling subsided 1/2 after just one ride.

The horses are also quite helpful with CP, MS, stroke, brain injury, PTSD, anger management, speech therapy, developmental issues, etc.  The list is truly endless… and the horses are amazing.