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Exercise on horseback… returning to a more harmonious physical state, will lead to a more harmonious mental one


  • Exercise on horseback: strengthening & supplying your body and mind 
  • Exercises include doing standard toe touches, waist bends, and arm circles — while sitting on a live horse


One of the beauties of Equestricize™, is that it can be performed by anyone.  It requires absolutely no previous riding experience, and is especially adaptable to those with physical challenges.  You don’t even have to want to learn how to ride – but you will by virtue of osmosis anyway!

Equestricize™ is one of the few exercise regimens that is beneficial with limited application.  Most participants see results after just one session, and continue to see improvement on a weekly basis, and this is coming to riding sessions only once a week.  Most other exercise regimens usually require a 3-day commitment per week to see results.

If your goal is to get into better physical shape – Equestricize™  will do that for you.  It will strengthen, balance and supple your body, while returning it to a state of harmony with itself.

If your goal is to become an even better rider – Equestricize™  will do that for you also.  No matter what style of riding you do, or what level you are at, this proven exercise system will improve and enhance you abilities to levels the stuff of which dreams are made.