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Janice Terra

Janice has worked with riders and horses for more than 30 years.  As an international trainer and author, Janice has lectured and/or trained NASA scientists, equine police units, corporate management, schools (both private and public), has worked with Hollywood’s top “A” list, and has helped cancer patients and more.

She has worked in the equine industry in a number of capacities, including riding instructor, trainer, breeder, stable manager, barn owner, feed store owner, horse show manager, open show judge, horse show announcer, columnist, consultant, and has been retained as an expert in her field to give testimony in a court of law.  She has trained regional champions over fences, and national champions in Western and English Pleasure.  She has also conducted lectures and seminars throughout the US and Europe and has clients as far away as England and Germany to Egypt.

Training problem horses in less than an hour is one of her highly sought-after skills.  Wild horses are her specialty.  Qualified trainers may participate in Ms. Janice’s certified horse whispering courses.  In addition to the typical riding classes, she teaches “atypical” classes in “Equestricize™” (exercise on horseback), Zen riding (deep breathing and meditation on horseback) and EquiTherapy™, therapeutic riding for both horse and rider.  Similar techniques are described in USA Today, The Dog Whisperer, and Oprah.

What separates Janice from the rest of the herd, apart from her gender, is that she brings the “horse whispering” out of the closet so to speak — out of the round pen to the back of the horse and every aspect of the handling of the horse.  She breaks everything down into easy to understand steps.

In addition to the training of horse and rider, Janice is quite passionate about teaching others about the healing aspect of the horse.  She conducts seminars called ‘Medicine Ponies,” where she teaches others how to use horses to heal humans.  This is also the topic of the first book she is writing, though she has 8 others coming after this one.