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Janice Terra is “The Lady Horse Whisperer.”

Many ask – “what is a Horse Whisperer?” In actuality, we should be referred to as ‘Horse Listeners’, for a Horse Whisperer reads the horse’s body language and ‘listens’ to what the horse is attempting to express. An interpreter is what most often feel I am, for I listen to the horse and interpret that language to their human in order to establish better communication.


What is the difference between a horse whisperer and a horse trainer? Glad you asked! Every horse whisperer is a horse trainer – yet every horse trainer is not a horse whisperer. There are some very good trainers out there – training remarkable things to remarkable horses. Yet, when a horse is not responding well and traditional training methods are not working - that is when the whispering comes in. It is all about psychology, body language, and intention.