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Janice Terra is “The Lady Horse Whisperer.”


She salvages the unsalvageable - healing humans and restoring horses to balance and harmony.  When people are about to give up on a horse - that is when The Lady Horse Whisperer is called in.  With a 95% success rate, there is a good chance that she can make a difference.  As an Equine Therapist, she also helps restore wholeness to those with autism, ADD, brain injury, anger management, PTSD, cancer... and the list goes on.


As a horse whisperer, Janice has turned the lives of many horses around.  She is able to fix many "problems" in less than a day, versus the typical months.  She is one of the few that has worked with wild horses, and has been able to elicit positive responses from them without the use of ropes or restraints.


In Houston, she gives riding lessons, has people haul their horses in for a "day camp," and works with special needs individuals.  A large portion of her work is with the older beginning rider, the "ultra terrified" beginner, and those needing to reestablish their confidence.