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Janice Terra is “The Lady Horse Whisperer.”


Salvaging the unsalvageable... returning horses and humans to harmony and balance.  When people are about to give up on a horse who is deemed “impossible,” that is when The Lady Horse Whisperer gets called in.  With a 90% success rate, there is a good chance that she can make a difference in your horse.  As an Equine Therapist, she helps restore wholeness to humans who may be afflicted with autism, ADD, brain injury, anger management, PTSD, cancer... and the list goes on.


As a horse whisperer, Janice has turned the lives of many horses around before they ended up at the packers.  Using psychology, most "problems" seem to melt away in less than a day, sometimes within an hour, as she teaches the owner how to "fix" the situation in a safe way without the use of restraints or gadgets.  The rider is taught how to use "Horse Whispering Psychology."


Having trained several national champions, The Lady Horse Whisperer can help bring a rider of any discipline to his or her top potential.  Ms. Janice also enjoys working with the adult beginner, understanding the challenges that face them.  The frightened rider will soon find it comfortable being on a horse and regaining control of their fears.